MACOMM won the mandate of handling Panasonic Air Conditioners for Bangladesh in 2006. During the period, Panasonic Air Conditioners used to sell only around 2,500 units per year. The client wanted MACOMM to come up with a long lasting strategy to entice brand loyalty and trigger purchase to a projected expectation of achieving sales of 15,000+ units within 3 years.


At that time General Air Conditioner was number one brand. Other brands available in the market weren't selling energy saving eco efficiency air conditioner. The consumers were suffering from higher electricity bills.


MACOMM came up with a winning solution of positioning Panasonic as the most energy saving air conditioner with the highest ROI on purchase from the consumer point of view. MACOMM picked up the core USP of Panasonic Air Conditioner and came up with two strategy route, one was- targeting immediate potential buyers who is going to buy air conditioner in the near future instead of trying to lure out General Air Conditioner consumers and other one was to shout about the Panasonic 50% energy saving Air Conditioner, a first time in Bangladesh. A mix of TV, Print, FM Radio and OOH were used to generate the awareness and initiate purchase consideration.


By 2009, Panasonic Air Conditioners had crossed the 15,000+ unit sales. Energy saving, electricity bill savings and eco efficiency determined the backbone of the story. MACOMM changed perceptions of consumes to create a winning brand. And the relationship with the brand continues till today.