KDS Group is one of the renowned businesses and industrial conglomerates of Bangladesh. KDS Group engaged MACOMM to come up with a creative led campaign to voice out its protest against the innocent killings of children in Gaza as apart of being a socially responsible organization.


Back in 2014 during Gaza Strip, more than 200 innocent kids were killed in clashes between Israeli armed forces and Palestinian people. People all around the world including Bangladesh were voicing out their anger and disgust.


The client gave 48 hours lead time to produce the contents and execute the campaign. The campaign was on through the official website, billboards and the print campaigns. The concept was a touching connection of reality - A girl in fear of her life, tears running down her cheeks was the picture which typified the reality with the bold copy line, 'Is She Next'.


The entire advertising circles and clients of KDS Accessories took note of the campaign and lauded the guts of KDS Accessories to do something like that. MACOMM truly believes that this campaign till date is one of the most radical work it did in its journey of Changing Perceptions.