Watching his grandfather, Late Nasiruddin Ahmed, being an instrumental force behind a leading newspaper in his time, The Daily Sangbad – true inspiration. Watching an uncle of his doing a lot of work with brands – the first "know" of advertising agency. Starting the first glossy lifestyle fashion magazine of the country from a balcony of home – first gamble of being an entrepreneur. Working in one of the leading advertising agencies of the world with accomplishment of launching Pantene (P&G) in Bangladesh and handling Gold Leaf (BAT) – first exposure to the real world of advertising. Working for a multinational bank – understand the financials of business. A stint with Daily Star in areas of journalism and marketing – understanding the nuances of the media world. Working with ESPN Star Sports as a freelancer producer – the courage to work global. Took the near impossible challenge to have the first ever Bangladeshi pop/band music program content aired in MTV India in 1998 – believing in the ability to dream and executing it. Conceptualizing and leading the development of the first multiplex cinema theatre of Bangladesh – setting new trends. The pregnancy period of the biggest dreams and finally the birth – MACOMM is born in 2005 with the aspiration to change perceptions in world of brand and advertising. .


The little steps rolled forward in 2004 when we were chosen as the Official Advertising and Event Management Agency of ICC U19 Cricket World Cup 2004 which was hosted in Bangladesh. In 2005, MACOMM evolved into a full scale advertising communication company and the story of building brands and changing perception began.  Till date we have worked for over 100 brands and products and the biggest pride we behold – as we continue to add on, we have retained most of the clients we had started with. In January 2015, MACOMM became the Official Affiliate of Dentsu / Dentsu Aegis Network in Bangladesh. All the accomplishments the agency have achieved so far has come with a bag full of courage, ambition, innovation and uncompromised ethical integrity. 12 years of brand story-telling and the journey continues.


Changing Perceptions. MACOMM wants to be a driving force behind the process of changing perceptions in brand communication and advertising scene in Bangladesh.





Rabeth Khan

CEO and Eternal Dreamer

From the time of inception of MACOMM in 2005, Rabeth Khan has been the engine of the ship and the steering wheel. He envisioned creating an agency with a culture of innovation and most importantly change perceptions of the ways a consumer embraces a brand, the ways a client perceives an agency. The start was only with 3 members but dreams were big. In 2015, he led the agency into international arena enacting the affiliation of MACOMM with Dentsu to be a part of Dentsu Aegis Network. Till date, Rabeth has worked on more than 100 brands which includes Nokia, Microsoft, Panasonic, British American Tobacco, P&G, Toshiba, NEC, Vimpelcom, CBL Munchee, Samsung, Standard Chartered Bank, Hayat Kimya, Robi Axiata, Bangladesh Cricket Board, Tourism Malaysia, Air Asia, Dragonair – Cathay Pacific, LM.Ericsson, Sanofi, Ernst & Young and Sedania. He believes winning is an outcome of teamwork. A true believer of the saying, advertising which doesn't sell is not advertising and an avid pursuer of the motto " to dream, to dare, to do".

A long trail of experience culminated through a decade of diverse work backgrounds - entrepreneurship through the launch of the first ever lifestyle magazine of Bangladesh in the late 90s, worked for ESPN Star Sports to create 4 visual documentary projects, worked as a consultant for IFPI – the biggest anti-piracy control body in the world, worked with Sony Music and Virgin Music for market development and expansion in Bangladesh, exposure in banking with Faysal Islamic Bank of Bahrain, tasted journalism with Daily Star including Page In Charge positions and strong first hand experience in marketing communication with one of the first international advertising agencies launched in Bangladesh to handle BAT and P&G as the first clients handled. Rabeth has been the driving force being the evolutions of both the multiplex cinema theatre in Bangladesh, the force behind MTV and Nickelodeon entry to Bangladesh and the reason Bryan Adams, MLTR, Julian Marley and Richard Marx came to Bangladesh.

He is a visiting guest speaker at the private universities and youth forums, have been the only Jury from Bangladesh at Jury of Asia's Most Promising Brands and Leaders, Dubai 2013 and Jury of Asia's Most Promising Brands and Leaders, Delhi, 2014. He runs a inspirational FB page Aimtrepreneurs to inspire dream seekers. He loves cricket – watching and playing, loves to read hard cover books the conservative way and music is the favorite escape. Not to forget, he is a full blown foodie.

Sadia Afreen Chowdhury

Founding Team Member and Group Head CSR

A perfect blend of creative and corporate intellect, Sadia has been one of the first members of MACOMM when it was in it's infancy stages with multitasking ability of HR management, admin management, client account management and billing management. She played a pivotal role in ensuring initial agency reputation building through efficient contribution towards initial agency clients like Panasonic, Toshiba and Tourism Malaysia for both Bangladesh and regional territories. Currently she is playing a role to amplify the CSR initiatives of the company and also exploring to foray into digital content creation.

An IBA post graduate, Sadia is a fabulous sketch artist, crafty poet, a brilliant mother and a social media freak. Music is breakaway and movies are entertainment.

Abu Sayeed Zahir

Founder Team Member, Group Head OOH and DOOH

A virgo man, Zahir has spearheaded the OOH ambitions of the agency since its inception. Under his stewardship, the agency grew its expertise in traditional OOH with effective service capabilities across the country. Currently, he is leading the transition from traditional OOH to DOOH with pioneering introduction of the digital and LED based indoor DOOH. Starting from flat LEDs to centrally controlled digital standalone stands to glass video screens to 3D DOOH, he is leading the wind of change.

Zahir is one of the rare OOH guy in the country, who has poise, personality and education in otherwise raw and unsettled OOH industry. Apart from his day to day advertising chores, Zahir is an eminent keyboard player and music composer. He had played for one the 90's prominent music band of the country, Different Touch. His biggest music glory came when his music track was chosen as the Official Theme Song of the ICC U19 Cricket World Cup 2004.

Moinul Hossain

Founding Team Member, Ex Creative Head and now Director of Events and Consumer Engagement

A flamboyant character, Moinul has been the creative force of MACOMM for the first decade of its journey. He started with the agency from the first day of its emergence. He has put endless, immense hours of toil and dedication to enable MACOMM to journey and grow through the years and build the creative base of the agency. Currently he has graduated to bigger and newer roles to expand the agency service portfolio through introduction of technology aided event management experiences for brands and consumers alike.

Moinul is a cricket freak, a gadget follower, an i-Phone blind fan and happy go lucky guy. He harbors a secret desire to be an entrepreneur some day beyond the passionate shores of advertising, his first love. In his young days, Moinul had used his good look charms to feature in a music video with the then music diva Kaniz Shuborna.

Sajjad Hossain

Brand Portfolio Management Lead

More than a decade long of experience which includes Grey Bangladesh and Adcomm/Lowe Lintas Affiliate, Sajjad came on board MACOMM in ………………………. Since then, he has contributed to the agency in terms of bringing maturity, experience and leadership to the agency brand management team. Sajjad played an important role in the MACOMM affiliation initiation period with Dentsu / Dentsu Aegis Network in 2015. He is a pivotal point in terms of leadership on the Japanese business accounts in MACOMM and extensively managing both Japanese clients and Dentsu regional networking for the agency.

Off his advertising time, Sajjad is an avid photographer, a traveler and dreams of working on Jute, the golden fire of Bangladesh to see it regain glory all around the world. He is a true calypso and more than effective wicket-keeper in the cricket greens.

Saima Jahan

The People Manager

Human Resource is a key ammunition for any company to progress cohesively while managing people is a challenge beset with thorns and thunders. Saima joined MACOMM in …………….. as the first recruit in the HR department which was later converted to People Relations Department. She has played a strong role in supporting the visions and goals of the management and implementing the HR executions as per the Management direction. She has successfully converted the shift of mentality of "Employee" to "Team Member" at both Management and Team Member end. As a lead of the PRD Department, she is currently engaged in embracing Dentsu Aegis Network HR process and ways in the agency and exploring to shift the entire PRD work process to automated platforms.

A PGD certified in …………………………………..she is a balance of traditionalism and modernism in its truest sense. An avid believer of living life simple , respecting the basics of religion and loves music too.

Mohammad Arshad

The Finance Spearhead

A soft spoken gentleman, Arshad is the man to go for all the agency financials. He was one of the first Finance team members recruited for MACOMM in ……….. and has progressed to become the agency lead for the Finance Department. He played a key role to ensure the financial balance of the company in the initial growth period, ensuring effective cost control. Currently, he is leading the agency into embracing of fully automated financial management system and process.

He is a calm personality who enjoys life with simplicity and passionate about cricket.

Rafiqul Islam

the Creative Brains

His story is a story of sheer determination, pursuing a dream and is a fairy tale story. His start in visual designing was a humble one from a semi – urban city of Bogra, which is the far cry away from the maddening metropolis of Dhaka and advertising practice in Bogra is well below the basic levels.

He joined MACOMM in ………… by sheer luck when the agency management in their hunt for creative visualizers, decided to gamble on recruiting him looking at his potential and hunger. And there was no looking back. He progressed through time and ranks and now is the Creative Director with a strong nuptial bond with the agency. Taking over the leadership mantle of the creative team in 2016 post the Dentsu alliance, he is now in charge of the new era agency creative team which is working towards the ambition of seeing MACOMM as one of the best creative agencies of Bangladesh.

He is a reverse image of what a creative character in an advertising agency generally looks like – he is even soft spoken yet he is determined, goal oriented character with a depository of creative intellect.



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