Robi Axiata Limited is the second largest mobile phone operator of Bangladesh and the first operator to introduce GPRS and 3.5G services in the country. Robi Axiata Limited through a multi agency evaluation selected MACOMM to resolve two significant challenges they had been facing. The difficulty to include all the Robi logo and the Robi brand identifiers in multiple communication execution templates and have a brand mnemonic which would stand out despite that both Robi and its competitor Airtel color codes were red.


Space and money was being lost because of the way the Robi logo and the brand identifiers were being placed in the communication executions across different platforms.


A complete brand architecture analysis was carried out which included extended teams of brand guideline development specialists. The Robi brand identity was reworked and redrafted to create a revamped Robi brand architecture framework


The new brand architecture of Robi has been rolled out in 2015 with considerable success in all forms of marketing communication of Robi with the following key gains from the newly produced Robi brand architecture:
1) 30% space were saved especially in print medium communication which attributed to savings of more than BDT3million of advertising budget in the print category of spends alone.
2) Overall, there was a marked improvement in brand recall of Robi with the new Robi logo mnemonic, the creation of clutter free creative communication space framework and reworked brand identifiers placement guidelines.