YELLOW clothing has their demand across the country which has been understood from their growing online sales from cities outside Dhaka. Thus, YELLOW wanted a solution where it can take its brand closer to its consumers outside Dhaka who has difficulty to touch and feel the YELLOW merchandises.


Fashion retail brands around the world have embraced the concept of pop up store to create consumer engagements and extend brand experiences. Yellow had brand loyalists all over the country with a strong desire to feel the brand merchandises up close.


YELLOW introduced the thought of whether a temporary pop up store can be conceptualized and carried to different places. MACOMM worked on the draft idea and extended it to the evolving of the first ever movable store on wheels in lifestyle store category in South Asia. YELLOW Shop On The Move was born.

MACOMM designed the pop-up shop on wheels concept through converting a 23ft cargo container into a full service store with international standard décor, wooden floor, cash counter, trial room and air - conditioning. Beximco Engineering department worked on the MACOMM design layout and executed the fabrication under close supervision of the agency interior consultant. YELLOW Shop On The Move till date have travelled miles taking the YELLOW experience to Comilla, Bogra and Sylhet and raring to go to other cities in the coming months. The consumers in each cities were engaged and communicated through – Digital Platform (Facebook), FM Radio, Poster, Leaflet and venue branding (skytracker, festoon, banner and sky balloon).


• 5,40,095 (approx) people were engaged through FaceBook • 5,000+ (approx) people visited YELLOW SHOP ON THE MOVE in Comilla in 3 days • 7,000+ (approx) people visited YELLOW SHOP ON THE MOVE in Bogra in 3 days • 8,000 (approx) people visited YELLOW SHOP ON THE MOVE in Sylhet in 3 days • The pride and mantle of the first ever shop on the move in lifestyle category on wheels in South Asia was conceptualized, fabricated and rolled out