As part of being a brand reputed to be a socially responsible brand, TNT Express wanted to celebrate World Environment Day in an innovative way so that people can be reminded of the beauty of the nature through seeing and hearing.


Nature is abused by the human race in different ways which is playing a devastating catalyst role in the ever increasing problem of global warming. There was a lack of visible precedence of actions of the people appreciating the goodness of nature.


The core objective of the execution was to ensure a differentiated RDC presenting the attention to the nature, disruption free moment for one minute. The listeners only heard nature ambiances with sounds of rain, wind, spring, birds. Through this RDC campaign the core idea was to bring listeners closer to the sounds of nature, to let people know about how peaceful is the sound of nature when there aren't any worldly sounds to disrupt them. On the other hand, a Tunnel of Nature was created. The tunnel was made of trees and leaves and when people stepped inside it they could hear sounds of birds and waterfalls.


First time ever, 1 minute of Sounds of Nature was on-air. The campaign ran for 2days in one of the biggest radio network channel in Bangladesh. Led to hype and talkability. While thousands of people walked through the tunnel of nature at the 2nd biggest shopping mall of Bangladesh and experienced it with delight.